Loving Pigs more than Pork

I don’t think I want to eat pigs anymore.

It sounds pretty terrible when you say it that way, right?  Nobody eats pigs; people eat pork.  Whatever you choose to call it, though, I don’t think I want anymore.  That really isn’t fair–I don’t eat pork very often.  A little bacon for breakfast from time to time, and if pepperoni is pork, then definitely there.

Can this be done?  Yes, and I’ll tell you how:

Image It really does not get any cuter than this.  I used to have 5 guinea pigs.  And yes, I do realize that’s not the same thing, but once you picture their little faces it’s pretty hard to imagine eating them.

I’m clearly not a vegetarian or a vegan [yet], and I don’t have the latest statistics from PETA or anywhere else, but this month, I’d like to start my life of not eating little Wilbur.  If you are a vegetarian, or vegan, or statistic-possessor, please please please do contact me and educate me.  What is happening with pigs in the world?  Is there anyway to eat pigs [and other animals] in a humane way?  I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.


5 thoughts on “Loving Pigs more than Pork

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  4. Hello – You ask “Is there anyway to eat pigs [and other animals] in a humane way?”. May I suggest you ask that question through the lens of an animal’s point of view? If you were a pig in a cage in a factory farm… Or a “free range” pig enjoying your life… Either way – Would you feel it fair to have your life ended? Especially considering we don’t need to eat pigs, or goats, or zebras, cows, chickens, dogs or any other being. Can it really be “humane” without necessity?

    Sorry I’m presenting you with more questions than answers… But these might be things you need to discover for yourself. Only as a guide I encourage you to search the web for information on vegan choices. Vegan food… Vegan health… Vegan stories… That might make it more clear for you why so many people are making the switch. It’s about compassion, the environment, health, food justice, sustainability and so many other important issues.

    Finally – Since you do have empathy with a particular species… As for me – I feel the same way about chickens. I have rescued (factory farm) hens and they are as sweet as can be! They coo and purr (kind of like a cat) – Some like to sit on your lap and will fall asleep when they’re stroked. So… In my mind, how could anyone possibly harm such loving creatures? Cows are cool too… And well – In the long run once you think about it – Every being loves their lives equally. Why should we kill when there is no need?

    I can recommend 2 videos that might give you some perspective as to why people go vegan:
    Gary Yourofsky presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4&feature=fvst
    And Earthlings: http://www.earthlings.com/Earthlings/video-full.php

    It’s great that you’re questioning these choices – Considering that eating animals is such an unquestioned indoctrination in our culture. Good for you for thinking on your own! 😉

  5. I like questions! You certainly have given me more to think about.

    The funny thing is, cows have always been my favorite animal. But I’ve also always eaten them! I’ve started with pigs because I never ate pork a lot, but it’s a place to start where I am able to say across the board, I’m not eating pigs anymore. And as I investigate I may move on from there.

    Thank you so much for sharing these resources with me. I’ll take a look and let you know what I think.


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